Effective support to change builds on expertise on topics and on processes. Ximpulse combines both.

Our topic expertise:

A Access to Justice, Accountability, Autonomy Arrangements
C Change processes, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Transformation, Conflict Sensitivity, Confederal Arrangements, Constitution-building, Constitution-making
D Decentralisation, Deconcentration, Democratisation, Dialogue
F Facilitation, Federalism, Fragility
G Gender, Governance, Governmental Systems
H Human Rights, Human Rights Based Approach
I Inclusion, Inclusiveness, Institution-building
L Learning Processes, Legal Aid, Legal System, Legislative Reform, Local Governance
M Mediation, Minorities, Multi-layer Processes
N Non-discrimination, Nation-building, Network Development
O Organizational Development
P Parliamentary Affairs, Participation, Peace Building, Peace Processes,
Political Systems, Power-sharing, Process Design
R Rule of Law, Risk Analysis
S State Building, State Organisation
T Territorial Organisation, Theory of Change, Transparency, Trauma
W Women’s Rights


Our process expertise

  • Peace processes
  • National dialog
  • Constitutional and legislative reform
  • Governance and political reform
  • Implementation and transition
  • Conflict transformation