Dr. iur. Erika Schläppi

Expertise and Impulse for Governance and Human Rights
Phone +41 (0)31 332 95 60 • Email es@ximpulse.ch
Dr. iur. Erika Schläppi is a lawyer and expert consultant on human rights, women’s rights and governance issues, particularly in the context of development and peace building. Her knowledge of human rights, gender and governance work stems from different professional perspectives, including academic research, international governmental policy, non-governmental advocacy, and many years of consultancy work.

Erika Schläppi is the Swiss candidate for election to the UN CEDAW Committee, for more information click here.

CV Dr. Erika Schläppi

Dr. Techn. Ursula König

Expertise and Impulse for Mediation and Transformation Processes
Phone +41 (0)78 855 87 05 • Email uk@ximpulse.ch
Dr. techn. Ursula König is an independent mediator and expert consultant. Her services encompass a wide range of methods for constructive, systemic transformation of long-lasting, entrenched conflicts and guidance of change processes in small and large groups. Her particular expertise lies in complex multi-stakeholder processes in a dynamic, political, and also international environment. She is also engaged in TopikPro.

CV Dr. Techn. Ursula König

Dr. iur. Nicole Töpperwien

Expertise and Impulse for State Organisation
Phone +41 (0)31 332 95 62 • Email nt@ximpulse.ch

Dr. iur. Nicole Töpperwien is an expert consultant on diverse aspects of state organisation including federalism, decentralisation, power-sharing, inclusion of non-majority groups, in particular in conflict-affected multi-ethnic settings. She has broad expertise in supporting peace-, constitution-making and general governance reform processes. Her academic work on comparative constitutionalism and issues of nation-building provided her with the foundation for her subsequent work with governments, political parties, state and non-state organisations.

Since October 2018, she serves as Chief Executive Officer at the Soliswiss Cooperative (www.soliswiss.ch). She remains partner at Ximpulse and supports the team on strategic matters and as a backstopper.

CV Dr. iur. Nicole Töpperwien

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Our Partners

Olena Krylova

Skype: elena.krylova.mueller • Phone Switzerland +41 79 821 46 85; Ukraine +38 (68) 369 39 17 • Email lena.krylova@bluewin.ch 

Olena Krylova has an MA in Governance and Development and is an expert on local governance, participatory development and citizen engagement, and decentralisation, particularly in the context of countries in transition. She specialises in governance issues in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries.

She currently works as a part-time manager for the consultancy company DPI Development Partnership International GmbH (Bern, Switzerland).

CV Olena Krylova

Dr. Cordula Reimann

Phone +41 78 615 95 17 • Email cr@corechange.ch

www.corechange.ch, www.corechange-coaching.ch

Dr. Cordula Reimann works as mediator, facilitator, trainer, consultant, and lecturer in the areas of conflict sensitivity, intercultural communication, strategizing in conflict transformation, gender, trauma, and organizational development. Cordula has worked extensively in South Asia and the Middle East. Cordula founded the consultancy and training firm “core” and the coaching business “core change coaching” (specializing – among other topics – in trauma, conflict & communication, and aloneness/loneliness).

Eva Schmassmann

Phone + 41 79 105 83 97 • Email eva.schmassmann@plattformagenda2030.ch

Eva Schmassmann has a strong background in human rights advocacy and sustainable development. During her career, she was working with various civil society organisations. She participated in the Rio+20 conference in 2012 and was a CSO representative in the official Swiss delegation in the 2015 Financing for Development conference in Addis Abeba and in the Summit for sustainable develoment in New York.

CV Eva Schmassmann

Kelly Jane Bishop

Email kelly.jane.bishop@gmail.com

Kelly Jane Bishop has a Master’s Degree in Law and is a PhD student at the Institute for Public Law, University of Berne. She is also a research fellow at the Thematic Cluster Police and Justice at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (SCHR). Kelly supports the Ximpulse team on various projects in relation to human rights, access to justice and participation.

CV Kelly Jane Bishop

Dr. phil. Simone Prodolliet

Phone + 41 79 788 80 83 • Email simone.prodolliet@bluewin.ch

Simone Prodolliet holds a PhD in Social Anthropology. She worked for almost ten years for a nation-wide operating NGO in Switzerland before she became Managing Director of the Federal Commission on Migration in 2003.

Since 2021 she is retired and works as a freelancer for different mandates in the field of migration, integration and human rights.

Dr. iur. Vijitha Fernandes-Veerakatty

Email vv@ximpulse.ch

Vijitha Fernandes-Veerakatty is an Attorney at Law and holds a PhD in international humanitarian law and a CAS in Peacebuilding. She is a legal advisor at the Federal Office of Justice in the field of European law and Schengen/Dublin.

She joined Ximpluse as a consultant in April 2022, providing a wide range of expertise, from local governance and federalism to international human rights protection and peacebuilding.

CV Dr. iur. Vijitha Fernandes-Veerakatty

Barbara Weyermann

Phone +41 79 910 7467 • Email barbara.weyermann@gmail.com

Barbara Weyermann is an expert consultant on women’s rights, gender equality programming and the prevention of and protection from gender-based violence. A second area of her expertise is in trauma sensitive programming and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS). In addition, she has worked for many years on all aspects of labour migration, mainly between Asia and the Middle East.